Devotional #26. Mark 9:30-50 (by Jenna Fogle)

Devotional #26 (3/24/13). Jesus foretells His death and talks about sin. [by Jenna Fogle]

Intro: Last week we read about Jesus casting out a demon and talking about faith.

This Week’s Reading: Mark 9:30-50.

vv. 30-32.   In these verses we see the Disciples and Jesus leaving where they were and going through Galilee and that Jesus “didn’t want anyone to know it”. This is because, as we read in the next verse, He wanted to spend some one on one time talking with His disciples about His upcoming trial, death and resurrection. The disciples didn’t understand what He was saying though, and the knuckle heads were too afraid to ask.

vv. 33-37.  Here we see Jesus use a real life situation to teach the disciples about humility. Using an argument about who is the best and greatest to teach that what God truly wants is someone with child like qualities of faith and humility (putting others before yourself).

vv. 38-40.   In these verses we see John voice a concern about people doing things in the name of the Lord but not following Jesus like the disciples to which Jesus tells them to “not forbid them” because if they are “not against us” they are “on our side”. This verse ties in with Matthew 12:30, in that if someone “owns” Christ, cannot “own” Satan, so even if they do not follow Jesus like the disciples they are still on Christ’s side, like it says in Matthew 6:24 you cannot serve two masters.

v. 41. Jesus promises good things to those who care for the people who follow Him.

v. 42. Here Jesus promises great punishment for those who cause His followers, even the newest of believers, to sin.

vv. 43-48.   In these verses Jesus warns His followers about ridding themselves of sin. Matthew Henry, in his commentary on these verses, likens sin to gangrene (a really bad infection) and says that “the part which is gangrened should be taken off for the preservation of the whole”, meaning you need to get rid of the sin in your life to keep yourself from ending up in Hell.

vv. 49-50.  In these verses Jesus is warning Christians about not losing their “saltiness” thus becoming “tasteless” and ineffective in their Christian lives.

Conclusion:  Today we looked at Jesus preparing His disciples for His upcoming death. He spent time teaching them that just because someone doesn’t follow Him exactly the same way that they do, it doesn’t mean that they are against Him; He taught that great reward waited for the people who loved and helped His followers in His name, and that great punishment waited for those who caused harm or sin to His followers. Jesus also talked about how sin is an infection that we need to stop before it spreads to our whole body, and that we must always keep our “saltiness”. All of these lessons are applicable to Christians now as well as the disciples back then.



Matthew Henry’s Commentary on the whole Bible – pg 185


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