Devotional # 116. Luke 2:1-20 (Special Christmas Devotional)

Devotional # 116. 12/22/14. Luke 2:1-20. Christmas 2014, part 4.

Intro. Now that we’re only a few days away from (American) Christmas our final Christmas Devotional will be from the story of Jesus’ birth. I’ve been thinking a lot about the humility of Jesus during this holiday season. I’ve been reminded by other’s sermons, my own personal reading and conversations with other believers. In Proverbs 18:12 it says, “before honor comes humility.” Jesus demonstrated this by coming to earth in humility but when He came back after His resurrection and when He returns at His Second Coming it will be in honor. As we read through these 20 verses (feel free to read chapter 1 for a fuller understanding) be thinking about how amazing it is that the God of the universe decided to come to earth to reach His creations.

vv. 1-3. Just like most governments who want to know how many people they have, this government conducted a census to count people.

vv. 4-5. A couple weeks ago I mentioned this: that both Joseph and Mary came from the family of David. Now we’re also told that everyone from the lineage of David had to meet in Bethlehem since that was the “city of David.” This fulfills the prophecy about Jesus being born in Bethlehem from Micah 5:2. So Mary went with Joseph because they were betrothed. To be “betrothed” was more than just engaged. In the Hebrew culture it was just like being married except you didn’t live together (or have sex) and you hadn’t had the official marriage ceremony.

v. 6. We’re also reminded that at this time Mary was very pregnant with Jesus. What a rough trip it must have been to be due and going through contractions!

v. 7. It was always God’s plan to have Jesus be born in a barn. Why? Because when Jesus was born to two teenagers in a garage there wasn’t anyone poorer than Him. No one will be able to say, “Jesus can’t love me, I’m too poor.” Not one person can say, “Jesus doesn’t know what I’ve been through, being born in poverty.” Not only that but His parents had to escape to save His life. Can you imagine having lived in three different countries by the time you were two years old because people were hunting you? Jesus knew all of this and yet, in complete humility, not only came to earth like this but planned it even before He created the earth.

vv. 8-12. Again we are reminded of Jesus’ humility. If we know the culture of this time then we recognize that shepherds were outcasts from the rest of the society. They smelled bad, they had the 24 hour job of watching over their sheep and had less then desirable duties. Why did God chose to have the angel announce the birth of the King of the earth to some stinky shepherds? I think there are a couple reasons: 1. God usually uses foolish things to confuse and surprise the rich and the “wise” (1 Corinthians 1:27), 2. To show His humility, 3. To show that He was for all men, not just the rich but of the outcasts and anyone who would accept Him, 4. Because God looks at Himself as a Shepherds of His people (Psalms 77:20; Ezekiel 34:31; etc.). We also see that the angel is joyful that God has finally been born to save men. Although angels are not all-knowing they do have a little more perspective then we who are stuck on earth. They get to proclaim the great plans of the LORD to His people.

Notice two things in what the angel says: 1. That Jesus was sent to “all people” – not only the Hebrews (although He went to them first, as God had promised) but to us Gentiles too! And 2. That this little “Child” was “Christ the Lord”. Proper translation of this is that the baby who was just born was the Savior and Master* of the world. Savior and Master of the world!?! Jesus was truly special to be lauded by angels as the Master of Universe (Before He-Man had that title!) as just a little baby. When we recognize that Jesus is our Master we can begin to worship Him in a correct way.


*“Christ the Lord”. Christos (G#5547) means “Savior” and kyrios (G#2962) means “Master”.

vv. 13-14. The initial angel is joined with thousands more of his brethren. Notice that they are praising God. Not just announcing that the Savior had been born, not just telling people where to go to see Him. But they were saying “Glory to God in the highest!” It is the first thing that must be done when anyone recognizes what a great thing it was that Jesus came to earth. We must be encouraged to glorify God, of course in all things, but specifically during this time of year for His goodness in sending us a Savior. Many of us who have spent more time meditating on all the bad stuff we’ve done then on the amazing gift of God’s own Son, need to be reminded to worship Him! To glorify God. So what does that look like? How do we bring honor to His name? The next verses will show us.

vv. 15-20. The shepherds had no question that it was God who spoke to them, they say let’s go check out what “the Lord has made known to us”. And they put their faith into action – they make the trip to see Jesus. Note that they had to leave their flock, they had to leave their comfort zone. They had to go to where other people were, maybe people that would judge them, maybe people that would hurt them but nevertheless they went. And when they saw Him they told everybody (“made widely known”).

Can you imagine being Mary and Joseph? You’ve been ridiculed by everyone for having an unlawful pregnancy, made a horrible trip on a donkey, gave birth in a barn – your life has been pretty bad lately. Then Jesus is finally born and shepherds show up saying that angels told them (of all people!) about the baby. Mary treasured these things in her heart (v. 19). She couldn’t believe that she went from being a nothing to someone that people would come to visit (and later the Magi). But that’s what Jesus does, He takes people who are nothing and He makes them worth something. He blesses them.

This section ends with the shepherds “glorifying and praising God”. So why would they have told so many people and praised God just from seeing a baby? Because the interaction with thousands of angels and seeing the Messiah that had been promised for thousands of years solidified their faith. Remember God had been silent for four hundred years and now that He was speaking to the Hebrews again there was much to rejoice over. We are very blessed that God speaks to us today in so many ways but do we go out and share it with others like the shepherds did?
Conclusion. My prayer for you is that you read the story of Jesus’ birth to your family or friends as you gather together over the next couple of days. Read it to your kids as you gather around the tree or read it at the table as your friends eat a meal. Every year we see people calling it “X-Mas” but taking the Christ out of CHRISTmas leaves you with nothing. But when you recognize that you are nothing without Him then, like Mary, He blesses you and makes you worth something. He came in humility but He deserves your honor (as we read from Proverbs). Just remember to have a truly enjoyable Christmas this year: keep Christ in Christmas.


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