Decision America Tour 2016

A little over a month ago I posted a blog (Political Prayer Preparation) as a request to pray for our politicians, the election and for God’s will to be done in our country. Now I found out that Franklin Graham has started something called the Decision America Tour 2016. He’s hitting every state preaching the gospel and asking for people to pray for the politicians. Recently I heard someone say you can’t complain about the government and politicians unless you’re praying for God to do something. Franklin Graham is doing something and I challenge you to come alongside him and do the same. If you go to this website:  you can get all of the info and one of the things I would challenge you to do is to “Sign the Pledge”. The pledge will be explained when you go to the website but basically it’s just an agreement to pray for God’s will to be done in America. Don’t think of it as if you’re just signing up for something but think of it as giving your word to God that you will seek Him. Also consider the impact that it will have on the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and Samaritans Purse for them to know that there are millions of Christians who stand with them and support them through very difficult times. I’ve signed the pledge, will you?

God bless


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