Christmas 2018 – Day 2

4a95b07d4aded0cf7ca9608a5e2c9ac3--love-canvas-painting-cute-canvas-paintingsAs part of my 25 for 25 (25 devotionals leading up to 25 December), here is Day # 2. The last Christmas devotional (Day # 1) was from Genesis so it felt fitting to look at Exodus. For context, the children of Israel have just escaped from Pharaoh and miraculously crossed the Red Sea:

The Lord is my strength and song, And He has become my salvation;” (Exodus 15:2)

We would not normally think of this as a Christmas verse but consider the three “S’s” here: “strength,” “song” and “salvation.” The strength of a Mighty God is in fierce contrast to the weakness, uncertainty and bravado of a wicked king (Pharaoh). And yet Jesus, even as a newborn, was the strongest, most certain and humblest King ever to live (you see my hints towards Isaiah 9:6-7, right?!).

Songs are a no brainer! Think about how many Christmas songs there are to be played once a year. Think about all those albums, tours and YouTube videos of fires burning that are played with such enthusiasm. But where does that excitement come from? Often people are looking for the holidays to cheer them up. However, there is no sustenance in emotions and feelings. That can only come from an external Source, and that must be God. Here Moses cannot contain his joy at being saved which brings us to our final “S”: salvation.

When we read “He has become my salvation,” we could ask, “how could God become something that He hadn’t already been?” And yet the emphasis isn’t on God changing into something, rather the focus is on Moses’ “my.” God hadn’t been Moses’ salvation in this way ever before. In the same way when God became a Man in the Person of Jesus, it had never happened before. How God makes Himself known to us is consistent and yet new every morning! And that’s why I believe Jesus coming as a baby is such an amazing miracle. Jesus “has become my salvation” from sin and death!

I encourage you to write your own Christmas carol extolling Jesus’ salvation and save it for years to come!

4 thoughts on “Christmas 2018 – Day 2

  1. So happy you are back blogging 😊 again I’ll have to check my email now 🙁. The 3 s. My 3 are Safety and celebration of my Savior Jesus Christ Merry Christmas Chris


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