Trip to Hungary 2016

Full CampAbout a month ago I went on a mission trip doing an English camp in Hungary. There is a small organization called Way of Hope Foundation that provides English camps throughout villages in Hungary every summer. Hungary has mandated that every child learn a second language since their language actually limits them from many job opportunities. (Only 0.189% of the world speaks Hungarian…that’s less than a quarter of one percent of the world!) In these camps we can use Jesus and the Bible to teach English. The kid’s parents (who want nothing to do with religion) don’t care we’re teaching from the Bible because a free English camp comes along once in a life time. Below I’ll share a bit about our team, the camp, what I learned, a video and how you can get involved.

The Teamteam flying out

My wife and I have done 6 Hungarian camps but this one was different for several reasons. One of those reasons was that we teamed up with another local church called “Hope Christian Church of Menifee”. They sent two people: their Assistant Pastor, Jeno and a college student named Krystal. Having Jeno was invaluable  because he’s actually Hungarian even though he grew up in the U.S. and it was great having Krystal beLeaders prayingcause her enthusiasm with the kids was contagious (see her blog here ). We are so thankful that our church (“House of Grace” in Hemet) and “Hope Christian” were so supportive. Once we were in Hungary we met up with three other people from England.
Two of them were a Mother (Samantha)/ Daughter (Meggie) team, and a college student named Rose. Their experience and heart for Jesus were integral to the success of the camp.

The Camp

We traveled for about 24 hours, leaving from LAX, had a layover in Amsterdam and arrived in Budapest. The next dkids with flagsay we made the 3 hour drive to the 2,200 population village of Nagydobos (pronounced: “nodge-doe-boe-sh”) in the North-Eastern part of Hungary. We began the camp the next day at the local school where about 40 kids showed up. Each
day we would start the day with morning exercises set to music, then the older kids (ages 9-14) would split off from the younger ones (ages 4-8) and have a Bible study. After the Bible study we would have several English lessons, teaching the kids conversational English. Then we would finish out the day with fun competition games.

What I Learned

About 10 months ago when my wife and I started praying for this camps and the kids that it would affect, I felt God pressing upon me to be more involved in this camp. I usually do a lot with the Bible studies but this time I got more involved with English lessons and playing games with the kids. I think this helped my wife but also intrigued the kids.

PiratesI also learned how great it was to have another church be involved in the preparation and adventure of going on the trip! Something we learned from Hope Christian was to have three distinct but unified groups preparing for the camp: 1. a Prayer Group, 2. a Fundraising Group and 3. Travelers. This was really good because then all of the stress and blessings don’t just fall on the shoulders of those going to the camp, but can be shared by many.

Trip to Nagydobos Video


Hungary Video

How You Can Get Involved

I have a vision of around 5 churches in the Inland Empire of Southern California getting involved in sending people to Hungary for these camps each summer. If we had 5 churches then no one church would feel burdened to send people and the camps could grow.

In case you thingirls coloringk you couldn’t travel to another country and teach English – you can! You only have to fundraise for airfare and all other accommodations are taken care of. And if you’re not an English teacher – neither are we! In fact I’ve never known an English teacher who has gone to any of these camps. The whole point is that normal English speakers show them how to speak conversationally instead of textbook teaching. Literally any English speaker is perfect for being a teacher in these camps.

As always, this camp was a life-changing experience where we got to see many children come to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ! A little money, a little stress, a little getting out of the comfort zone – but ushering in souls to the kingdom of heaven – that is the ultimate goal! If you’re interested in finding out more you can fill out the contact form directly below & I’ll get back to you. Thanks!